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lilithI’m Lilith,

I am a visionary consciousness geek, a mystic, and a queer radical witch.

I am a wisdom seeker, a truth speaker, and a magick maker.

I am a healer, a teacher, a mother, and grandmother.

I hold loving sacred space – inviting your being into ecstatic transformation.

I have been openly running covens, large community rituals, workshops, and retreats for over 30 years. I actively reject pseudo-religious new-age ‘perfection’ and I reclaim as sacred the ‘imperfect’, the wild, the erotic, and the sensual.  

I realised that becoming a conduit for the archetypal message of Lilith was essential to the work that I was sharing with people, and I worked to embody the full power behind her myth – a symbol of wisdom, truth, enlightenment, and sacred sexuality. In my role as Lilith I have been dedicated to enabling people’s freedom of sexual and spiritual expression and their re-emergence as true, whole, fully-realised beings – no longer slaves to shame, fear, or guilt.

The opportunity to witness people’s deep transformations, discoveries, epiphanies, and awakenings, as they dive into this practice, has not only been an incredible honour for me, it has also repeatedly confirmed the amazing gifts this work has to offer.

I’m motivated by love, passion, and compassion, for all who feel socially, sexually, and spiritually marginalised, because you don’t fit in with the patriarchal, cultural, religious, and spiritual ideals. I actively address the false ‘traditional’ binary male/female gender stereotypes and roles within spiritual and cultural understanding.

I’m driven by the force of deep ancestral grief and rage for the thousands of years of physical and emotional damage that has been done to members of society who have been ‘othered’ by these ideals. I work to enable spiritual empowerment through magick and to reclaim the erotic as a sacred life force.

I have found the map and unearthed the deeply buried treasures of our ancient magickal heritage. I have reclaimed them from those who kept them hidden for thousands of years.

These treasures of powerful esoteric knowledge belong to you.

I want to return them to you.

One red apple hanging on the tree.I am Lilith emerging from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden – apple in hand, with this, I bring a force for transformation.

I am the sensual snake – the life force rising up your spine from your sex to your crown, I see and befriend your shadows.

I am a vision weaver, a dream walker, and a consciousness explorer.

I will show you the portals to the world between worlds.