The Original Garden of Eden

There was once a beautiful garden. It was filled with abundant and limitlessly creative life, colourful exotic plants, and wild animals. The great All was reflected everywhere – in the deep green of the leaves, in the intoxicating perfume of the huge vibrant flowers, and in the radiant rainbow light that glowed from every living thing.

There were many trees in this garden; two of these trees were particularly beautiful. They glowed and pulsated with a sparkle that reflected their special magick. One was called the Tree of Life and the other was called the Tree of Knowledge. When an animal ate the fruit of the Tree of Life they were given eternal life and health. When an animal ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they came to understand the secret knowledge of All. Many had eaten of the Tree of Life but none had yet found the Tree of Knowledge.

Every animal had special skills or qualities that had arisen as a way to negotiate their world, to stay alive, to stay healthy, and to reproduce – some could blend into their environment by changing the colour of their skin, some had very long necks to reach fruits and leaves that were high up in the trees, and some had grown special feathers which they displayed to attract mates or to frighten off predators. Many types of animal lived in groups that worked as a team to gather food and protect each other. For these animals emotions and communication were particularly important skills – love, sensual touch, and physical pleasure helped them to develop strong bonds within their groups, anger helped them protect each other, and fear helped them escape from danger.

Human animals lived in groups and their special quality was ‘thinking’. Many animals did this but, for humans, this skill had become a particularly important method of survival. They thought about everything they did – they attempted to understand their world by analysing and organising, they counted and measured everything, and they made up stories and created beliefs based on their observations.

In this garden were many human animals who lived together in large groups and loved each other. It was said that Adam and Lilith were the first to settle here in Eden. The two of them would sit together in the evenings, watching the sunset, and they would feel a deep connection with the beauty around them. They knew that, just by watching, they were an intrinsic element of this exquisite creation.

Adam and Lilith both had dark skin and shining black hair. Their eyes were clear and bright, and their faces had lines that suggested many years of smiles and laughter. Lilith had a curvy, soft body which was powerful and fit from playing, dancing, building, and collecting food. Adam was tall, and his long arms and legs were graceful and strong. He would love to run through the forests and the open spaces of Eden. The beauty of the radiant life here would touch him so deeply that he would often return from his run with his face wet from tears of joy that couldn’t be held back.

As more people joined them in this beautiful country, Adam and Lilith would tell stories of the magickal quality of the life here. The people loved the stories. They would all sit together in the evenings listening to them, and retelling them, over and over again. The people found the idea of the collective creative intelligence comforting, and they felt it in themselves. They would celebrate the abundance and beauty of nature and the great All with rituals of dancing, singing, chanting, and love-making.

However as the communities became larger, and farming, rather than hunting and gathering, became more prevalent, food was experienced as scarce. In the past they would have simply moved to another area when food ran out. But now food would come and go depending on the weather and the time of year. People began to attempt to control the nature around them rather than live in harmony with it as they had done previously. As the fear of loss grew inside them they shared with each other less and less. The people began to feel powerless and vulnerable. It was during these times that they sometimes lost their ability to identify with the collective loving intelligence. People managed this loneliness in different ways – some simply carried on with their lives waiting for the wisdom to return, some searched for and found wisdom by transforming the pain, some believed that the joy was taken from them because they had done something wrong, and there were some who, in their pain, sought power and control over the others.

These power hungry people saw an opportunity. Due to their own fear of hunger, they wanted all the food and the land for themselves. They realised that people were easy to manipulate when they were frightened. They told the people that there was little point to their dancing, their chanting, and their reverence for nature – as the Earth was no longer abundant. They told the people that there was no collective intelligence, it was not everywhere, it was not in the Earth, and it was not in their bodies. Instead they told them that there was a single all-seeing god – a man who would watch them from above. They said that ‘God’ had put them in charge and they were now to be called ‘priests’.

The priests ordered the people to follow them. They said that God would reward good behaviour but would also punish bad behaviour. They would prove their stories by connecting people’s misfortune with a ‘bad’ behaviour they had done in the past. These priests said that if people wanted their lives to be enjoyable and safe again they must pay God in money, food, property, and penance. The old rituals, which revered the abundant Earth and the beauty of nature, were said to be evil and people were told that they would be punished if they continued with them. They were told to wear clothes that covered their genitals and that their love-making was now a ‘sin’. The priests didn’t want people to be reminded of their personal power to create. Women were said to be temptresses who, with their desires and their sexually appealing bodies, would lead the men away from their path of hard-work, penance, and abstinence. The people began to worry obsessively. Their thoughts were now fears upon fears about what might happen to them in the future and what they might have done wrong in the past. The ‘Now’ was forgotten.

Eventually, with the new quiet and sombre rituals, the constant fear, and the countless rules, the memory of the original stories faded. The joy of the present moment, the feeling of abundance, the dancing, and the communal love-making stopped. The divine was no longer experienced from within. All the qualities of the creative force of the universe were now bestowed onto this single external being. As the people learned fear, their joy for life faded.

If someone broke the rules it made the people feel angry and scared of God’s rage. They tried to discourage each other from breaking the rules by telling stories of horrific punishment. If anyone made a mistake they became anxious and scared of this punishment – they felt guilty and feared discovery. They would try to talk to God and beg for forgiveness in the hope that God’s anger would not be kindled. It was with great sadness that Lilith watched these changes come, and she began to feel very alone – even Adam began following the new rules – but, as the first woman, she never forgot the awe of their first days here in the Garden of Eden.

Lilith took to walking alone in the woodlands. She would enjoy this reconnection with the wildness of nature after being with the religious people and all their restrictions and control. She would dance naked and sing to the animals and the trees; she would enjoy her sensual and sexual body without guilt or shame. It was on one of these excursions that she came across the Tree of Knowledge for the first time. It drew her attention as it glowed with particular magnificence. The large red fruit, a kind she had never seen before, appeared succulent and tasty. Carefully, she picked one of the beautiful fruits and took a tentative bite.

Immediately her senses were overwhelmed by the pleasure of the honey-sweet sensation on her tongue. Her thoughts stopped. Her body stilled. In that moment all she knew was the sweet juice that filled her mouth and trickled down her chin and onto her breast. The silence filled her.

Lilith was held in an eternal moment of Now. It was a moment of deep knowing. Her whole being began to reach out to the infinite light all around her. Her heart opened, and she knew a love so complete that she fell to her knees – unable to stand while holding this experience of total fulfilment. Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as her memories of Eden as it once was came flooding back.

She laid down on the ground, pressing her back into the soft grass and spreading her arms and legs wide, waiting and ready. As she opened to the experience and welcomed the light, Lilith began to feel waves of vibration coursing through her. She felt her physical body cracking open to release the infinite light that exploded from the depths of every part of her. The light expanded out in all directions – down through the Earth below her, out into the forest, and up into the sky above. Her whole body shook and convulsed as every muscle released into the ecstasy. She savoured the intensity of the experience with every part of her sensual and energetic being, and she released deep orgasmic roars that shook the forest.

She remained here for a long time afterwards, her body occasionally convulsing as further bursts of vibration were released. Eventually she stood up feeling taller, stronger, more beautiful, and more expansive than she’d ever felt. She knew that this joy and knowledge were not just for her. She was suddenly filled with the excitement of wanting to share this with her people so they too could remember.

As Lilith travelled back to her village she could feel herself changed. She was aware of herself, and everything else, as pure vibration. She experienced every moment as an act of creation. She moved through the shining light of the garden and the garden moved with her. As her mood lifted, her light, and the light of everything around her, brightened. The forest flowers turned their colourful heads and the trees reached their branches out towards her as she passed. These experiences revealed to her exactly how she created her own universe.

When she arrived at the home village and met with her family they looked upon her with suspicion – they could sense a change. To Adam, Lilith looked the same but she seemed different, more powerful. She told them all of profound love and beauty, of magickal power, and of deep connection with all things. Lilith was not surprised by their suspicion, but she continued with her joyful story. She expressed her realisation that she was the creative power of the universe and that they all were too. She told them of her understanding that there was no God to punish them – which meant that they were free to express their own truth. She reminded them that the rules they now believed in were based on fear and that there really is no good or evil – there is simply energy and experience. She told them that she received this knowledge from eating the fruit of a secret tree in the garden.

Her family were frightened – they did not understand the things that Lilith was saying. Her change felt like a threat and they refused to eat the fruit that she offered them. They had so much fear of the transformation in Lilith that they forced her to leave the tribe, and she was banished from Eden. They were so scared of change that they also decided to ban people from eating from the Tree of Knowledge – yet many of the other animals began feasting there.

Although they missed Lilith and were sad when she left, the people of Eden continued with their lives as they were. Adam met and fell in love with a different woman – her name was Eve. Eve was gentle and kind. Her dark hair was streaked with gold and it curled softly around her face, framing a smile that radiated love. She was always ready with open arms when someone needed to be held. She would cradle anyone with such a powerful and nurturing love that they felt deeply comforted. As the memory of Lilith faded, Eve took her place as the first woman.

Lilith spent many days, months, and years in the lands surrounding Eden. She explored the vibrational world – moving into and through the energy of All. She noticed how subtle changes in her own energy created changes in the energy around her. Each thought or feeling was accompanied by a shift of energy within herself and was reflected in the external environment. Each day she closed her eyes and silenced her thought. In these moments, she was able to join with the infinite and she would experience boundless and timeless ecstasy. The more she practiced this magickal act the more she met the infinite in her every experience. Her life was transformed. She learned to heal herself of any illness or pain she had ever had by finding its origin somewhere deep in her soul and transforming it with bliss. She began to regenerate herself as a being of life, of light, and of power.

Lilith spent time contemplating how she could finally bring the knowledge to the people of Eden. She wanted to set her people free because she loved them. She needed to get back, but she knew they wouldn’t allow her in. However, her new knowledge had changed her experience of the world around her. During her time away from Eden she learned how to move as an energy-being and she learned how to create by focusing her thoughts. She knew now that her human form was not a physical structure that was able to think, but that it was a form that had come to be because of thought. She now understood that she was made of energy, thought, and memory. She knew that by changing her thought she was able to change her form. Over time, she developed this understanding of the universe to such a degree that her belief was strong enough to create any change she wanted. She practiced and practiced until she was able to appear as different animals and plants, or even rocks. Eventually, she chose a snake as her disguise in order to return to Eden.

As the snake, she was long and muscular. Her scales reflected the light as she meandered through the trees – a shimmering black mass winding her way home. As the snake, she entered Eden and passed through the gardens without notice making her way back to the Tree of Knowledge. When she arrived, she found that a large fence had been placed around the tree and the many apples that the tree had offered were scattered and rotting on the ground within the boundaries of the fence. Although this saddened her, she understood that the people had lost themselves to fear. She passed through the fence and worked her way up into the branches of the tree. Having settled herself, she released a thought “let the right person come to me”. She waited.

In that very moment Eve stood up, not quite knowing why. She left the children she was tending to and headed out of the village and into the trees beyond. She walked through the woodland. She was not quite sure why she had set off on this journey but she found herself enjoying the rare moments of solitude. She soon came to be walking near the Tree of Knowledge. She recognised the fence that the people had put there and she also recognised the tree’s peculiar but alluring luminescence. She stopped at the boundaries of the fence to enjoy the vision in front of her.

As she looked at the tree, she heard someone call her name. She stopped and looked around but could see no one. She heard her name again and realised that the call was coming from within the tree. With some fear she climbed carefully over the fence and stepped closer to the tree. She listened again. Her name was called once more. Stepping closer, she looked at the tree and soon noticed a glistening, thick, black snake wrapped around the lower branches. The snake was watching her.

Lilith called Eve again – her whispering snake-voice radiating love – and Eve began to feel safer and calmer. She sat down under the tree and looked up into the branches above her. She felt the luminous power of the tree and her body vibrated with anticipation of what, she somehow knew, was about to happen.

Lilith moved gently down the trunk and joined Eve. She coiled around Eve’s body and allowed her own powerful vibrations to expand. Eve trusted instinctively. She closed her eyes and opened herself to receive these vibrations. She wanted to learn. She wanted to know. She breathed deeply into this moment experiencing the sensual and spiritual pleasure of pure connection with another. As her knowledge grew, Eve found herself able to give her own energy in return. Lilith and Eve moved and breathed together in a deeply sensual and ecstatic embrace – sharing all that they knew, sharing their bodies, and sharing their pleasure. Eventually, filled with joy and love for each other, they fell into dream realms together. While they journeyed there, Lilith showed Eve the magickal world that was all around her. She invited her to enter the boundless Oneness. Their rapture filled them as they joined the shimmering light.

They were One.

They were All.

After a long while of sleeping, sharing, and dreaming together, they awoke refreshed and energised. Eve immediately picked one of the tree’s red, succulent fruits and took a drippingly delicious bite. Instantly her eyes were opened. She could no longer see the trees in the forest around her. She could only perceive energy – denser here, translucent there. She looked down at her own body. There was a vague memory of form but now she was simply made of shimmering light. She became aware of Lilith’s light also and once again they danced together, this time a dance of infinite energy, moving around, through, and within each other.

Eve felt so much love she wanted to share it – she wanted to run to her people and tell of the wonder of the Tree of Knowledge. They began their journey together back to the village. Lilith returned to her human form and walked with Eve. While they walked, Lilith warned Eve of her experience with the people in the past. But they soon forgot this story. The people’s fears and judgements were nothing to them now as they bathed in the magnificence of nature, knowing that all is as it should be. They moved with the universe.

They soon arrived at the boundaries of the village, and Lilith waited there. She radiated vibrations of love and understanding into the village. The people were happy to see Eve as she had been gone a while. Eve didn’t speak. She simply smiled, held out her hand, and closed her eyes. A fruit from the Tree of Knowledge magickally appeared there. It reflected the sunlight on its shimmering red flesh. Some of the people recognised the fruit. Some of the people recognised Eve’s magick. Many screamed in fear and ran away. “You will be punished!” they cried as they ran. The others looked on with suspicion.

Adam came when he heard the screams. He saw Eve holding the fruit. She looked radiant and he felt his love for her. “This fruit will bring you all knowledge.” Eve spoke gently. “It will set you free to be your powerful truth. It is your choice – to eat and be awakened or to remain as you are.” In this moment Adam remembered Lilith – the time they had shared together in the beginning of Eden, and her sad departure. Hearing the truth in Eve’s words but knowing that, as a woman, she would be mistrusted by the people, Adam offered to speak to them. Eve understood and agreed.

“I will eat of the Tree of Knowledge because I was offered it once before by my first love, Lilith. I saw the beauty of her truth but I denied myself this knowledge because I was frightened of the god we had made. Now another woman I love is telling me the same. This time I will be fearless. I will choose to join Eve in this abundant light.” He took a bite from the apple, and instantly he felt the transformation. He smiled. The plants and trees reflected him with joyful energy. The power of his loving smile was returned to him a hundred times over. After a long sigh, he spoke again. “I remember that the real story of the divine is not the one we now tell. The great All is the fulfilment, the power, the joy, and the love within each of us. There is no necessity for fear, anger, or punishment. Every one of you is perfect. You don’t need to be anything other than who you are.”

Eve was grateful for Adam’s support. After seeing the effect of the apple on Adam, the people began to feel safer. They came towards Eve and looked deeply into her radiant eyes. They could see the integrity there, and they began to trust. They asked her questions, they listened, and they learned as she sat with them and shared her wisdom.

In his bliss, Adam became aware of Lilith’s powerful energy radiating from the trees and he walked over to greet her. They embraced and kissed deeply, and immediately felt their deep connection and love for each other. Adam wondered at the immense and unconditional love she was capable of which enabled her to see beyond such cruel treatment from her family. He thanked Lilith for working so relentlessly to bring the knowledge back to the people, and he expressed his grief and regret for his personal rejection of her. They held each other, moving and breathing together, and they made-love once again – one body, one spirit, locked in an eternal ecstatic moment. As they lay together, Adam remembered – he knew that nothing mattered but the fulfilment, the healing, and the love that Oneness brings. Eventually, Lilith and Adam turned their attention back to the excitement in the village.

It seemed that some of the other people also wanted to understand. Eve had created more and more apples for them. Adam and Lilith watched as people ate them. One-by-one they experienced the infinite joy of universal love, as they joined with the vibrations of life around them. Some of the people who had initially run away were cautiously returning. Eve continued to hand out apple after apple, as more of the people in the group became illuminated. Adam and Lilith walked over to join them. They laughed and shared long, deep, knowing gazes with the radiating eyes of the people. They embraced and kissed Eve with a depth of sensual and all-encompassing love that only comes from truly knowing another’s divinity. They were free once again.

This is a true story. I hope you enjoyed it.


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