I Am Woman

I am woman.

Mad woman.

I want to tear at you, scratch at you

for what you have done to us.

I want to hear you scream

like you hear us scream.

When we lie on our backs

beneath you.

You laugh at our needs,

our knowledge.

You think you know better

and ignore our pleas.

You look into our bodies

with electronic windows

and don’t tell us what you see.

You poke at our soft round bodies

with cold latex hands.

You tell us to push,

to not push.

You tell us to breathe,

to not breathe.

You time us and moniter us.

You interfere in an instinctive, ancient process

with chemicals, needles, and intellect.

You rip away our babies.

You wipe them and suck at them,

weigh them at look at them.

You tell us to give them milk

intended for another.

You inject them with disease.

You kill them.

Leave them alone,

leave us alone.


You know nothing about us.

Your breasts are empty,

you have no womb.


You have taken over a process you can never understand.

No matter how many books you read,

or write for that matter,

you can never know what it is

to be two people at the same time,

to grow another inside your body,

to open in birth,

to feel a baby’s head grinding against your insides.

You can never know our heaving, strong pain.


Leave us.

This is not your domain.




By Lilith




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