Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual

In the year that it takes for our Earth to make its journey around the Sun we experience changes according to the seasonal shifts, not only in the external world but also within us. Like many other living beings on this planet we are affected by changes in the weather, the light, the heat, the radiation, and the magnetic shifts. They influence us on many levels.

Ancient astrologers looked up into the star-filled sky and found astrological points in the patterns of the stars and planets which corresponded with the seasonal shifts. The most obvious shifts are the summer and winter solstices – the longest and the shortest days of the year. These mark the middle of summer and the middle of winter. The equinoxes mark the middle of spring and autumn, where the days and nights are of equal length. The cross-quarter festivals, as they are known, are often called by the old English/Pagan names of: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain, and they signal the beginning of each season.

Aligning with these ancient festivals gives us the opportunity to reflect on, and reminds us of, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that recurs year after year. This is reflected in the cycle of the cosmos, in all of the nature around us, and in ourselves. By working magickally with these festivals it is possible to recognise how these changes affect you on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level, and how you are so very connected with these universal shifts. Taking note of the seasonal movements reminds us that the Earth turns and circles through the cosmos, and that we are flying, and turning, and spinning through the cosmos with it.

Tonight we recognise that the earth has moved through the constellations and around the sun. We now find ourselves in the centre of the constellation known as Taurus.  The earth’s energies are most active at this point.  This is the beginning of the final and most actively potent of the waxing phase of the Sun’s cycle.  All of life is bursting with fertility.  It is the beginning of summer. Now is the time to celebrate our wonderfully potent sexual energy, celebrate and honour our power and ability to create.

In ancient times, it was the time to ensure the fertility of the land. It was a night to spend in the woods and make love under the trees. Or dance around the maypole to symbolise sacred union. I our ceremony tonight we will recognise these connections to nature through meditation, chant and dance.

The Ritual

The aim of this ceremony is to connect with the rhythm and flow of the planets and the nature around us in order to bring ourselves into alignment with the energy of the creative force – to become one with nature and the universe.


Find some appropriate music – something that you associate with the season.

Create an altar – a focal point with chosen items which represent the season for you. Light a candle or night-light and place it on your altar with your items.

Turn off the phone and the lights.

Now, when everything is prepared, close your eyes and take some breaths.

Visualise a circle of light around you.

Prepare with a meditation

State your intention:

Say out loud: “Tonight I will go within to find my creative power.”


When you are ready…

with your eyes closed you begin to visualise yourself in a beautiful woodland. It is a special place.  Connect with it – feel the cool breeze on your skin, touch the bark of the trees, seethe warm sunshine radiating through the leaves of the canopy above. Spend some time exploring this place and begin to feel the energy of it. Find yourself a place to sit – on the ground or a log – then really begin to align with the energy here. As you do, you begin to sense a presence – a nature spirit. It may be a fairy or a tree dryad, a flower may come to life. Begin to connect with this spirit and spend some time being with it.

Now ask your nature spirit anything you wish. For example, what energy do I need to move forward in my life, what might be blocking me, what do I need to do to move towards my full potential? Your nature spirit will give you answers. When you have finished communing with them. Give thanks and watch them flit away.

Now visualise yourself in a few weeks, having taken on this new knowledge. See yourself letting go of the block. See yourself accepting the new energy that you need to enter the next phase of growth. What does your life look like now?

Find a word to encapsulate what they have told you.


What did the visualisation bring up for you? What does this time of year mean to you? Do you have memories? Does it inspire something in you? Do you feel inspired to help others who may be struggling more during this season? Meditate on this for a while.


Now stand up. Breathe the energy in. Let words come, and speak these words out loud.


Play your music. Exaggerate the feeling of this creative power within your body. Allow any sounds and movement to come. Allow this power to inspire you to move or chant. If your body needs to express something let this happen.


Visualise the circle of light dissipating out into the atmosphere. Hold a sense of love and gratitude in your heart. Breathe it in and breathe it out into the world.

Write or draw/paint about your experience.

Over the next few weeks keep hold of this sense of creative power.  Notice the changes that happen in your body and in your life over this next phase.

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