Shapeshifting Ritual


119/120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0LJ

Let your inner animals out to play

From 7:00pm until 9:30pm

At Anahata Health Centre

119/120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0LJ

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Shapeshifting Ritual

Join us for this wild and enlivening ritual to access your inner animal wisdom.

Discover the answer to a pressing question, find a resolution to a difficult problem, make a decision about something that has you floating in limbo land, or simply experience the liberating embodiment of your inner beastie.


Let your inner animals out to play and experience your embodied wisdom come alive.

Your inner wise beastie has all the answers you need.

Please pay what you can afford – if you don’t have much, that’s ok. If you have more, please consider offering more in a pay-it-forward/bursary kind of way.

Shapeshifting is a Magickal practice aimed at making contact with aspects of your unconscious (and possibly the collective consciousness). Sometimes it is easier to access our wisdom via an internal or externalised entity or being of some kind.

In this ritual, we will be calling on the wisdom of our inner animal nature. We will begin by identifying a question we would like to be answered, or an aspect of our lives that we would like more insight into. We will then follow a visualisation practice and journey to a landscape where we will meet the animal or being who has all the answers we need. The next stage is to allow an intuitive movement process where we will shapeshift into the animal and discover even more about what we need to know.

We will be raising a magickal circle together - acknowledging the presence of all life around us (earth, water, fire, air, the sky above, and the ground beneath us) with powerful words and symbolic actions.

If you haven't done a ritual like this before, you are very welcome to join in and everything will be explained as we go along.

There will be meditation, journeying, chanting, and communing. This ritual will be deep and poignant, but also be celebratory and affirming.

Arrival information.

Please aim to arrive on time - the doors will be closed at 7:15 latest.

Payment is based on what you can afford.

Note: incense will be used at this event.

Don’t use the main entrance on Edward St., please use the entrance around the corner on St. James Avenue.

There are large blue doors past the windows of the basement room. Please push the left one open and enter there.

Please remove your shoes and leave them by the door before you fully enter the space.

There are two steps, please watch your footing. If you need wheelchair access, please knock and I can set up the ramp for you.

There are a few blankets and meditation cushions at the Anahata Centre, but there are no chairs, only a wooden floor, if you wish to bring extra cushions, blankets, or anything to help with your comfort, please do.

I look forward to sharing your journey
With love