Yule Open Ritual


119/120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0LJ

Yule Open Ritual

From 7:00pm until 9:30pm

At Anahata Health Centre

119/120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0LJ

Please pay what you can afford

Adventures in magickal consciousness invites you to the next event...

Please pay what you can afford – if you don’t have much, that’s ok. If you have more, please consider offering more in a pay-it-forward/bursary kind of way.

Yule Open Ritual

By aligning with each phase of the natural progression of the seasons, we can consciously participate in, and benefit from, the gifts of each phase. We can experience how our lives reflect the many dimensions of a living system.

We will be raising a magickal circle together - acknowledging the presence of all life around us (earth, water, fire, air, the sky above, and the ground beneath us) with powerful words and symbolic actions.

If you haven't done a ritual like this before, you are very welcome to join in and everything will be explained as we go along.

There will be meditation, journeying, chanting, and communing. This ritual will be deep and poignant, but also be celebratory and affirming.

Please aim to arrive on time - the doors will be closed at 7:15 latest.

I look forward to sharing your journey
With love