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To be truly divine we must learn to be wild again – to un-domesticate ourselves. We need to let go of the fear, the self-hatred, and the ‘good’ behaviour that we’re driven to by the doctrine of monotheism.

This book takes you on a journey from your inner world to the outer cosmos, it offers a simple yet potent training for personal discovery and enlightenment.

Using story, magick, ritual, sacred-sex, meditation, journey, and the ecstatic state, it gives you the tools that will inspire your spiritual experience and awaken you to your deep inner wisdom.

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The Sacred Blueprint App – the whole universe in your pocket!

We have secret doorways inside our minds which can be opened during visionary states of consciousness

This beautiful App contains a full, life-long, programme of meditations and practices which take you through these doorways giving you access to other realms and dimensions.

Instantly access over 40 hours of guided meditations, multilayered soundscapes, and hours of learning and support materials.

The app perfectly accompanies the magickal work we will be doing in the web-coven.

If you prefer to work solo it also stands alone to enable you to easily explore and understand the wisdom of the Sacred Blueprint – this is the name I have chosen for the ancient wisdom that is commonly known as Qabalah/Tree of Life .

  • Discover new and ancient worlds within your psychological, emotional, and spiritual experience.
  • Explore deep and hidden areas of your own psyche and the collective consciousness.
  • Gain personal empowerment, deep knowledge, and self love.
  • Heal past physical and emotional hurts.

The practices in this app can be repeated for life – each experience will bring new knowledge and new discoveries.

I and many students have been practicing for years with profound results.

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Further information about the Sacred Blueprint

The Sacred Blueprint is a map – each point on your journey will guide you to personal inspiration and profound revelation.

It is a reverent practice dedicated to revealing your deeper self as a reflection of the qualities of nature and the universe. It includes meditations, rituals, and explorations that guide you on journeys through your inner landscapes, the outer cosmos, and the collective consciousness.

In the Envisioning practice, you will explore via creative visualisation.

In the Embodiment practice, you will explore via intuitive body movements.

In the Enchantment practice, you will explore via spontaneous vocalisations.

This process doesn’t pretend to be a quick fix, it offers much more than instant ‘spiritual’ gratification, or an experience induced ‘high’. The regular practice offers permanent, deeply inspiring self-expansion.

There are no rights or wrongs, no have-tos, nothing to worship, no one to follow – there is simply experience of yourself and the universe, and the shared experiences of other students.

You will enter amazing experiences which enable the realignment of everything that you are – from the physical, sensual, mind-body to the magical, shape-shifting, light-being capable of performing ‘miracles’.

“This work is a powerful experiential journey of change. I have developed a much deeper sense of self understanding which has freed me to live life with more joy, connection and confidence. A magical place! The journey each week connects me to another piece of my inner wisdom, reminding me of who I am, and reawakening my power.”